Monday, June 22, 2015

HE's making this much too easy!

Hello friends!!!

It's been a few weeks since I've posted an entry and I know its time because we do have some exciting updates for those of you who may have missed the Facebook announcements.

First things first... 3 weeks ago, Kellie & Chris had several friends and family over to their home to do a gender reveal party!  They had the silly string wrapped in a neutral color so no one knew what would spray out of the bottle.  Oh, how fun to see BLUE!!!!! yes... It's A BOY!!!

I know, I know... they couldn't be a more perfect family if they tried!  Well... except when they add this sweet baby boy to the mix!  :)

As most of you know from following along, the Kaufman's have 2 healthy girls, Campbell and Kenley.  Kellie was able to carry both of them herself until many issues arose with Kenley's pregnancy which was the reason she was told she couldn't carry another child.  And when you look at photos of these 4, they seem pretty picture perfect!  But, I also couldn't imagine being in their shoes and not feeling like their family is quite complete yet.  Having that decision made for you would feel so debilitating and, quite frankly, unfair.  I know that Kellie and Chris would have loved to have another little girl BUT... I know that deep down, a boy would really just be the icing on the cake to this whole journey.  And looky here... a BOY.  I mean???  This whole thing couldn't have been written out to be so smooth!

Which brings me to ME!! I am feeling fabulous!  Seriously.  Most days I forget I am even pregnant.  I truly feel no different!  Starting to get a bump (see updated photo below) but for being 18+ weeks, I would say that I am feeling pretty good about everything!  We've gotten to hear baby Kaufman's heartbeat several times and lately its been 140-150's.  My OB doctor has been so wonderful, she lets me record the heartbeat so I can send it to Chris and Kellie.

Baby Kaufman is a mover and a shaker!!  I would say I feel him moving about 3-4xs a day, sometimes more!  He likes to hang out pretty low which is maybe why I feel him so regularly, this early on.  And, its funny because I can usually tell when I've had something more sugary because that's really when he gets going.  Such great reassurance from him telling me he's doing well and always reminding me to tell his Mommy and Daddy how much he misses them and how excited he is to go live with them when this 9 month babysitting arrangement is all done :)

Here are a few photos of him from our ultrasound a few weeks ago!

Everything health-wise has looked great for both of us.  This week I have a bad UTI, but I'm on meds for the next week so hopefully that clears it all up.  Bright side was I got to hear his heartbeat again today and he's been having fun with the cranberry juice I've been drinking.  haha.

Next Thursday, July 2, we have the big 20 week ultrasound!  So that will be exciting to get some really good photos (as long as he cooperates!) of him to send to his parents!
CRAZY to think that I'm nearing the half-way mark already!  It's flying by.

So here are a few updates of me!  One from a few weeks ago and one more recently from a few days ago!

Thanks again for all the positive thoughts and comments sent our way.  It's made this whole process even more enjoyable to know how many are following along and cheering for a smooth journey.  I know the Kaufman's appreciate it, as do I!

Until the next update! :)


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